Jeff Dial meeting with Thomas Boza, NE7X from the Amateur Radio Association. 


Senator Jeff Dial discussing the process for having amateur radio week declared and how to use money from the Arizona amateur radio license plate for college scholarships. Thomas Boza, NE7X stated that this was his first time visiting the state Senate and that he appreciated the help of Senator Dial in figuring out the process.

Senator Jeff Dial speaking at a high school graduation. Congratulations to all our 2015 graduates!


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State Senator Jeff Dial with TGen’s Dr. Matt Huentelman

Governor Doug Ducey thanking the state legislature for passing the civics test!

Senator Dial and Representative Robson with ASU Football Coach Graham!

Jeff Dial at the top of Camelback!

Capital being prepped for the Inauguration next Monday! Are you looking forward to Arizona’s bright future?

All of the rosebushes have been removed and they have placed wood down in the planters and cover the wood with plastic in anticipating the rain predicted for tomorrow.
Additionally a security perimeter has been set up consisting of a chain-link fence around the capital.

Senator Elect Jeff Dial, Representative Elect Jill Norgaard, & Representative Bob Robson speaking at the East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance meeting.

Jeff Dial thanking Express Scripts for their donation to the Valley United Way.