Jeff Dial is working to grow

Arizona’s Economy and Create Jobs.

Jobs/ Economy – Jeff Dial believes growing Arizona’s economy and creating jobs is his number one priority.  As an active supporter of the 2011 and 2012 Jobs Bills, Jeff fought to make Arizona more competitive with our neighboring states and in the global economy. This has led to new investment by companies such as Intel and Apple. He has also been a staunch advocate for Arizona State University and has worked to get them the tools necessary to become a national business incubator of high-tech jobs.

Jeff worked to create Arizona’s premier economic development agency, the Arizona Commerce Authority, and fought to make Arizona more attractive to manufactures, particularly high-tech manufactures like Intel, Freescale, and Microchip.

As your State Senator, he’ll continue to fight every day to ensure that job creation is our top priority in Arizona.


Jeff Dial is a tireless advocate for Education.

Education – Jeff is a tireless advocate for education in Arizona. He believes it’s essential for our children and grandchildren to have better opportunities to excel and compete in the national and global job market.

During his time in the Arizona Legislature, Jeff has promoted legislation that establishes more accountability for schools, teachers, and parents. He has also fought to ensure that education dollars are spent directly in the classroom and not wasted in bloated school bureaucracies.

Jeff will continue to fight for the best possible education for our children and ensure that our education tax dollars are spent wisely.


Jeff Dial is Balancing Arizona’s Budget.

Balanced Budget – In one of the toughest economic crisis in Arizona’s history, Jeff stepped up and wasn’t afraid to make tough choices regarding Arizona’s budget. Jeff fought tirelessly to ensure that we live within our means and adopt a balanced budget, but he also made sure that our most essential programs, such as education and law enforcement, were protected.

Looking to the future, Jeff believes that we must pay down the debt incurred by previous Arizona Legislatures and leave Arizona on sound financial footing for our children and grandchildren.


Jeff Dial is Holding The Line On Taxes and

Working to Eliminating Wasteful Spending.

Taxes/ Government Spending – In tough economic times, Jeff has fought to hold the line on taxes and worked to balance the budget by reducing the size of state government by over $3 billion. As a businessman, Jeff believes that Arizona’s government should be run more like a business. He is also an ardent supporter of more transparency, accountability in government, and dollars in the classroom.


Jeff Dial is for Securing the Border and

Enforcing Our Current Immigration Laws.

Illegal Immigration and Border Security – Jeff believes that our current immigration laws need to be enforced and the federal government needs to step up and do its job.  He believes more infrastructure, personnel, and technology is needed along the border.

Jeff will continue to work with our federal officials to adequately address this growing problem and ensure that Arizonans are protected from the drugs, human smuggling, violence, and crime associated with illegal immigration.



Jeff Dial-Police

Jeff Dial is Tough on Crime.

Crime- Jeff is a strong advocate of Arizona law enforcement and has a record of being tough on crime. In the Arizona Legislature, Jeff has stood strong against reducing penalties for criminals. He has supported Arizona’s law enforcement community as a member of the Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee. He has been endorsed by numerous law enforcement organizations and has fought to give Arizona’s police and public safety officers the tools they need to fight crime, curb drug smuggling, protect our communities, and stop violent criminals.


Jeff Dial is a Longtime Supporter of Our Veterans.

Veteran Affairs- As a Honorably discharge veteran of the Army reserve himself and as a former member of the Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee, Jeff has been a strong supporter of veterans and their issues. He has supported legislation addressing veterans’ issues and backed the creation of education programs that assist veterans in obtaining degrees from Arizona’s higher education institutions.


Jeff Dial is working to build

Arizona’s Transportation & Infrastructure.

Transportation/Infrastructure- Building roads and improving infrastructure is key to Arizona’s continued economic growth. If we want to keep bringing new business and new investment to the state, our roads and infrastructure needs must be addressed. Jeff supports looking at new and innovative ways to address our infrastructure needs, building and repairing vital roads and highways, and ensuring that there are the necessary and proper bus routes in place.

Jeff is committed to working out a compromise between the citizens of Arizona and the Gila Indian Tribe to ensure that the I-202 extension does not divide Ahwatukee, and he will work in partnership with the Gila Tribe to find an amicable solution for all.


Jeff Dial is For Strong Family Values.

Family Values – Jeff is strong on family values in Arizona and seeks to protect the innocent. He will continue to support legislation that cracks down on child predators, and fight for increased prison time for those that harm and abuse our children.  He is also a strong proponent of religious freedom and will fight against any legislation that infringes upon a family’s right to worship.