Government’s primary and most important function is to protect its citizens. Jeff Dial believes that it is vital to supply law enforcement officials with the necessary resources and legal means they need to fight crime.
The Problem

Families, communities and property need to be kept safe, but violent criminals are not serving enough time for their crimes. In the United States: Only 5% of criminals arrested for rape spend time in jail, and on average they will be back on the street in under 2 years; kidnappers can expect to spend barely more than two years behind bars and convicted murderers spend an average of only 6 years in prison. Particularly troubling, sex offenders convicted of a second offense continue to commit sex crimes more than 95% of the time.

The Wrong Approach

Some liberal Arizona legislators have recently offered reducing sentence times and prison stays for violent criminals just to help balance the state budget. Jeff Dial strongly opposes such liberal and dangerous practices. These policies recklessly endanger Arizona families. The crime rate significantly increases when prisoners serve less time for committing violent crimes. This is because more individuals are willing to commit crimes when they believe the perverse gains their criminal acts provide outweigh the potential consequences of incarceration.

The consequences of decreasing prison times and releasing criminals early are disturbing when it comes to protecting Arizona families from violent felons. It is flat-out unacceptable that one out of every two criminals convicted of a violent crime in the United States serve less than two years. If you commit the crime, then you must do the time. Jeff Dial believes that violent criminals belong in prisons, not on neighborhood streets.
The Correct Approach

Toughening up laws and increasing prison time for murderers, rapists, molesters and other violent criminals help police officers keep communities safe. Laws that severely punish both violent criminals and the states who release them early are reducing crime and making Americans safer. Jeff Dial strongly supports both the three-strike law, which sentences criminals convicted of a violent crime for the third time to life imprisonment and Aimee’s Law, which sanctions states that release sexual predators and murderers who commit these crimes again.

Since the implementation of these laws, crime rates per capita in Arizona have been continuously dropping. Tough measures like these succeed because they send the strong message that repeat offenders of violent crimes will spend the rest of their lives where they belong: in prison. As your state representative, Jeff Dial will send a clear message that crime doesn’t pay in Arizona.