Jeff Dial believes that limiting the size of government, avoiding unnecessary spending programs and opposing new tax increases that hurt Arizona families, particularly during hard economic times, is vitally important. Arizonans deserve an economic plan that addresses gas prices, job security and job creation and the overall health of the economy.

Jeff Dial’s Economic Plan:

  • Promote Free Enterprise
    • Create Jobs
    • Stimulate Growth and Investments
    • Provide Incentives for Businesses to Stay
  • Improve Our Energy Policy
  • Eliminate Wasteful Government Spending
  • Balance the State Budget – Responsibly

Promote Free Enterprise

Having worked for a small family business for 20 years, Jeff Dial knows firsthand how important a strong economic policy is to creating jobs, stimulating growth and investment and providing businesses with incentives to remain in Arizona. Burdensome regulations and taxes need to be reduced in many key areas. Arizona has one of the highest business property tax rates in the West. That is why Jeff proposes phasing down business property tax rates to encourage more businesses to relocate to Arizona, thereby creating more jobs.


Improve our Energy Policy

Jeff Dial understands the substantial impact high energy prices have on Arizonans’ budgets, and that relief is needed soon. The price of oil has risen dramatically over the past few years, resulting in record high gasoline prices. And higher prices at the pumps have made it expensive for businesses to transport products to consumers, meaning Arizonans are paying a lot more for basic goods and services.

Jeff Dial believes as a state and as a nation we must reduce our dependence on foreign oil and invest in technologies that develop alternative sources of energy.  Building more oil refineries in America will significantly lower the cost of gas and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. On the home front, Jeff supports giving tax credits to homeowners and builders who utilize alternative energy sources in their homes, like solar, wind and geothermal energy.
Eliminate Wasteful Government Spending

The citizens of Arizona deserve a state government that focuses on funding key programs vital to Arizona families, and not unnecessary and bloated bureaucratic programs. Taxpayers deserve to have their money spent wisely. Jeff Dial advocates implementing transparency programs similar to other states’ that allow taxpayers to view where their tax dollars are being allocated, using such easily accessible mediums as the Internet. Citizens can then voice their concerns over wasteful spending projects.
Balance the State Budget – Responsibly

Jeff Dial believes in providing long-term solutions instead of short-term fixes to solve state budget deficits. Just as families must make tough financial choices during hard times, so should the Arizona Legislature. Bloated programs need to be reduced; program funding needs to be prioritized and strong pro-economic growth strategies need to be implemented in order to help balance the state’s budget.