For the sake of our children, the quality of education in Arizona needs to be vastly improved. As the son of a teacher, as an Arizona State University alumnus and as your state representative, Jeff Dial will make it one of his top priorities to improve Arizona’s education system and protect Arizona’s most precious resource: its children.
The Need for Improvement

Arizona has some of the best teachers in the country but, unfortunately, they must operate within a system that needs substantial reform. Standardized test scores for Arizona K – 12 students have, for the past decade, consistently ranked below the national average in every major test category: math, reading, science and writing. Even more troubling, test scores for Arizona students are not improving as quickly as those of their national peers. Another problem: 30 percent of new teachers leave within their first five years in the profession. Arizona educators, parents and children need a plan that calls for real reform, one that empowers parents and revitalizes schools. It is time to bridge the academic divide.

The Dial Education Plan

  • Pay quality teachers what they are worth.
  • Reduce class sizes to improve learning.
  • Hold teachers and students accountable.
  • Redirect more educational funding directly into the classrooms.
  • Introduce science, math and technology earlier.
  • Offer tax credits. Allow taxpayers to allocate a portion of their taxes to improving schools, buying teacher supplies or providing scholarships.
  • Transfer more control from state government to individual schools.
    Give Arizona schools the flexibility to meet the unique needs of their students and communities.
  • Empower parents. Help them get more involved in their children’s education.
    Provide parents with the opportunity to select the best educational environment for their children.

Teachers: The Key to Our Children’s Future

As the son of a public school teacher, Jeff Dial understands the tremendous influence good teachers have on children’s education. How much and how fast children learn is directly linked to the quality of the instruction they receive. It is time to recruit and retain high-performing teachers; it is time to pay quality educators what they’re worth.

Without adequate pay, many talented instructors are forced to take positions in the private sector or relocate to states where salaries are higher. Unfortunately, Arizona lags behind almost every state in the nation in teacher compensation rates. It should be of no surprise then that we consistently rank below the national average in K-12 standardized test scores.

Students’ performances are measured on a periodic basis to see how much they’re learning and how quickly. At the same time, Jeff Dial believes teachers need to be held accountable for the discipline and instruction they bring to the classrooms.

Arizona can no longer afford to foot the bill of a poor education at its children’s expense.
Teachers and students need to be held accountable, and quality teachers need to be paid what they’re worth. Our children deserve it.

Improving the Public School System

Too much of the funding we dedicate to public schools is wasted on inefficient and unnecessary middle-level school district bureaucracy. Jeff Dial believes that money should be returned directly to the classrooms. Redirect the millions in savings to provide merit pay for top teachers, reduce class sizes and purchase additional educational tools and technology for the classrooms.

Another major problem with the Arizona public school system is a lack of curriculum and funding control at the levels that will impact our children’s education the most. Jeff Dial believes more control needs to be transferred from state and national government to individual schools and school districts. A school in rural Arizona is going to have vastly different needs and challenges than a school that lies within our own district (Ahwatukee, south Tempe and west Chandler). It just makes sense to give individual schools the flexibility they need to meet the unique needs of their student populations and local communities, while still holding them to high standards.

Arizona schools need to prepare children for an economy that is driven by technology and information. Increased attention needs to be given to disciplines that help prepare children for a society increasingly reliant upon computers, the Internet and other technological and scientific advancements. That is why Jeff Dial proposes investing more to introduce math, science and technology into the classrooms at earlier grade levels, so that children are better prepared for their futures.

School Choice 

Jeff Dial believes in empowering parents, by allowing them to choose where their children go to school and the type of learning environment their children attend. Parents should not be forced to send their kids to failing schools. Our children deserve better!

Tax Credits 

Jeff Dial fully supports school, teacher and scholarship tax credits. Taxpayers should be allowed to allocate a portion of their income taxes toward improving schools, paying for teacher supplies or contributing money to help parents choose better schools for their children. Jeff Dial believes teachers shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars of their own limited salaries on supplies for their students. That is why he advocates raising the income tax credit rate from $250 to $500 for teachers.