The Problem: More than 40% of family income goes to some level of government in the form of fees and taxes. Excessive businesses taxes also hurt the economy and make it hard for businesses to operate, particularly small- and medium-sized businesses.
Jeff Dial’s Solutions:

  • Provide tax relief to families
  • Provide tax relief to businesses
  • Provide property tax relief

Personal/Family Taxes

Jeff Dial realizes that Arizona families need tax relief. In fact, more than 40% of family income goes to some level of government in the form of fees and taxes. To put this into perspective, a middle-class family generating $40,000/year will effectively only have $24,000 of its hard-earned money to spend on basic goods and services, such as housing, gas, clothing, food, medical and childcare expenses.

That is too much! As your state representative, Jeff Dial will vigorously fight to provide tax relief to families and oppose legislation that threatens to raise them. In addition, Jeff believes in allowing individuals the opportunity to have a tax-free savings account to save money for first-time home purchases, for college education, and for medical expenses.
Business Taxes

As a manager of his family’s small business, Jeff Dial knows all too well how much of a strain excessive taxation places on businesses, particularly during times of economic struggle. High business taxes force many businesses to relocate, shutdown or reduce staff just to scrape by. Lower taxes, however, will free up money for Arizona businesses to invest in more capital, spend more in the economy and safeguard Arizona jobs.
Property Taxes

Being a homeowner, Jeff Dial certainly understands how impactful the rapid increase of property tax rates in Arizona has been on family budgets. Having talked to thousands of his neighbors as he walks door-to-door, Jeff Dial has learned firsthand how important property tax relief is for families, particularly for seniors living on fixed incomes. They especially need property tax relief so that they can better afford healthcare and other basic costs of living. Businesses face a similar burden. In fact, Arizona has one of the highest property tax rates in the Western United States. Providing property tax relief to businesses will help create and protect more jobs, stimulate the economy and encourage more businesses to relocate to Arizona.